• My goal is to optimize your quality of life.

    Your health and well being are at the heart of my practice.

  • I am passionate about helping people, and I am inspired every day by my patients.


    I bring personalized out-patient physical therapy to your home, office, or gym as a means to provide you a convenient way to accelerate your healing process. I believe this leads to better results and happier individuals.


    I specialize in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal issues that can affect your everyday function as well as your recreational pursuits.


    My treatment focus involves therapeutic exercise with an emphasis on manual therapy.

    My Background

    • I received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy and Bachelor's in Psychology from the University of Washington in Seattle. 
    • Prior to starting my mobile physical therapy clinic, I worked for 13 years in an orthopedic outpatient setting.
    • When I’m not providing PT I’m a mom to my three wonderful children, playing piano with my band, hiking, snowboarding, and enjoying life in the Pacific Northwest.

    Why Mobile Physical Therapy?

    Because it's better for you. There are so many benefits to home-based therapy:

    • Convenience - You're busy and you're in pain - you don't need the stress of driving or finding parking.
    • Comfort & Personalized care - What better way for me to get to know you than in your own environment?
    • Early intervention - If you've just had surgery you can't drive, but I can.
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    I always tell my patients, “Your body is your house.” Without regular care, houses undergo wear and tear. Living well in your body prevents similar problems. Some problems can be healed, but some cannot. I believe we must maintain our houses so we can be active, age well, and move through life successfully.

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  • Ready to Get Started?

    The first step is getting to know you. So send me a line or give me a call.